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boiling the ocean with GTM tactics

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Going to market early-stage, between your first

10 customers (likely referrals) and your next

100, is one of the most challenging, unique,

and fraught chasms you'll cross.

The volume of tactics is overwhelming, you're not sure where to invest, and
you don't want its suffer expensive mistakes or guess and check.

About GTM Accelerator

The GTM Accelerator is one part execution, one part advisory service, one part analyst firm -- that is laser focused on the zero to one stage of B2B growth -- which I define as zero to $5M in revenue.

When you join, you get strategy, execution, and a library of best practice frameworks and playbooks exclusively focused on the zero to $5m revenue stage of growth.

How It Works

There's three core benefits I bring to your business.



There are many things you might do. Only a few you should do. We'll analyze your current GTM motions to identify the top 3 priorities you should be executing on to build your funnel. This happens fast because speed matters. 



I'll build out your critical GTM elements on your behalf, and where applicable, partner with your internal team to help them multiply our efforts. This starts with shared dashboards where we'll track your initiatives, and expands to efficient, effective paid ad campaigns, website updates, sales deck optimization, outbound motions, etc. How we'll go to market is based on the kind of demand you'll need to create, which we'll identify together.


Library of Frameworks, scorecards, trainings

We equip you with a comprehensive, constantly updated, library of trainings for all critical GTM functions.

As the founding team, you need to be literate in GTM strategy. We educate you, your team, and give you hiring scorecards to avoid expensive mistakes. 

Who Am I 

I'm a revenue executive, author, and messaging and positioning expert. I wrote the book on high-impact messaging, built the modern positioning framework used by $1B brands, host the Billion Dollar Tech podcast (a top 1% business podcast), and have built growth engines and campaigns for more than 100 of today's leading tech brands.

I'm also a father of two young boys, husband, and despite my increasingly advanced age try to be a semi-competitive runner :)

The Results

Here's a few of the results, and words of support, from founders and operators like you.

Why NOT Work With Me

I like people who shoot straight. So I'll do you the same courtesy. Here's some very sincere
and legitimate reasons you should choose to work with someone else.

The Ideal Person for

this Program


Technical or subject
matter expert founder

Has a few customers

May have a junior GTM
person, or leadership who
hasn't taken the zero to
1 journey themselves
despite being a great leader.
Wants to shortcut
the guessing, skip to
the growing.


Choose the Red Pill or the Blue Pill


The choice is yours :)

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