The Product Positioning


Harness a proven 7-day process to position your product for breakout growth.

Having trouble differentiating your product? Learn to harness the power of narrative to build a repeatable growth engine, hone your sales pitch, and win.



5 templates to



case studies

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The $1B Pitch


An 8-step framework

Build your sales or investment pitch using the same techniques as Drift, Data Domain, Gong, Slack, and Salesforce.

1B pitch case studies
Step-by-step guidance
5 templates to harness
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You'll get a proven framework, and step-by-step lessons, to build a sales pitch and growth engine that scales.


The Product Positioning Master Class is the complete online training + community to learn to differentiate and drive breakout growth.

Fit in and Fail


Seth Godin said it best, “In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.”


Your question, do you stand out?


If you’d like to grow faster, with less commoditization, this is the course for you.

Built for:

Product Managers

Built for:



Product Managers



Learn to Build Your Pitch Like $1B Brands


If you study the pitches of billion dollar companies like Drift, Gong, Data Domain, Slack, and Salesforce what you’ll find is 8 predictable elements in all of their pitches.

In this course you’ll learn step-by-step how to craft your own $1B sales pitch, investment deck, or go-to-market message.

A Great Company Needs a Great Pitch

A well constructed sales story is the OPERATING SYSTEM of any successful growing company.

If you can’t clearly articulate the result you’ll create for your market, and why it’s a must have now, how can you expect prospects or employees to understand why you matter? Legendary founder and venture capitalist Ben Hororiwtz said it best….

“Companies that don’t have a well articulated story don’t have a well thought out strategy”


Legendary VC, Ben Horowitz

The story sets up the go-to-market engine, driving differentiation, sales conversations, and marketing messages.

It determines how your market see’s values, perceives value, and communicates that value to others.

Your Instructor  

Brendan Dell

I’m an author and advisor who has worked with more than 100 leading technology brands to help them hone positioning, messaging, and GTM strategies. I’m bringing lessons learned here to you. 

Your Instructor 

Brendan Dell

I’m an author and advisor who has worked with more than 100 leading technology brands to help them hone positioning, messaging, and GTM strategies. I’m bringing lessons learned here to you. 

The Structure

This course is structured in four parts, linking critical theory with step-by-step tactical implementation and examples of the framework in action. It also includes proven templates to guide your $1B pitch creation. Get a sneak peek of the first few lessons here.

Course Introduction

1. Welcome + Introduction

2.  About Me

3. Outline + Objectives

Section 1: Learn What Influences B2B Buying Decisions

1. New science revealing what drives buying decisions
2. Story as adaptive evolutionary mechanism
3. The two key cognitive biases you need to know
4. Optimal marketing mix by business stage

Section 2: The Story-Selling Framework

1. Overview of course templates
2. Introduction to the elements of $1B pitches
3. The most effective ways to identify your best customer
4. How to see inside your buyers mind
5. How to identify your demand type
6. Identify change, stakes, villain
7. Identify your promised land, proof, results
8. Create a high-impact simple promise

Section 3: Roll-Out

A crash course on developing a high-growth go-to-market strategy

Section 4: $1B Walkthroughs

  • Zuora
  • Control Plane
  • Sudozi
More added monthly!

The Templates 

Included with the course, get access to the framework and collaboration templates I use to build $1B pitches with top brands.

  • $1B pitch collaboration worksheet
  • Competitive landscape + jobs to be done worksheet
  • Opportunity stage proposal template (take them from interested to closed/won)
  • Facilitation worksheet
  • $1B framework overview + worksheet

The Results

"Holy f*ck.
I think it's working. Pretty sure I have 5 meetings this week...Just got a verbal commit on a 10K POC off a warm referral."


- Ammanuel Selameab, CEO, Accrue

"We launched last week.
Early results: Pipeline: $2.4mm, Closed -
Won: $286k. Woot!"

- Cody Duke, ABM Manager, App Annie (now

"Brendan is one of the brightest minds working in marketing today."


- Bill Kent, Marketing Executives, UserTesting, Act-On, 6Sense

"Your advice has been invaluable."


- Sam Bizri, Founder & CEO, Zeconomy

"A true thought partner."

Kristina McMillan. Vice President, TOPO

“Don’t hesitate, make the investment.”


Myllisa Patterson, Senior Director of Event Cloud, Cvent

“Our program launched a few months ago and is performing incredibly well. We’re seeing some great incremental app volume and now a decent amount of incremental go-live properties as well.”


- Zach Leonardi, Senior Manager Campaigns, Expedia Group

"Brendan, I just took your CXL Positioning course and wanted to say a huge thanks for putting this together. I learned a lot and can't wait to try it out on clients!"


- Mark Leach, B2B SaaS Conversion Copywriter & Messaging Strategist

"Brendan, I love your course. I love the market of one framework you taught in the class. It's not easy to fill up the whole worksheet but you definitely gave me a powerful tool to rethink my positioning. Thank you!"


- Eddie Lee, Marketing Consultant, Synergy Marketing Technology Limited


This course pays for itself in 1% increase in improvement in a considered purchase sale. If you have an annual contract value over $5K per customer, expect to drive a minimum 10X ROI on your investment with the first deal closed.

The 10X Guarantee

If you don't feel the insights shared deliver a 10:1 Return on both your time and money, simply request a refund within 30-days, and we'll refund you no questions asked.
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