5 Tech Tools to Explode Your Sales

Season #2 Episode #2

“You need something to break through the clutter. Because there’s just too much stuff,” Brendan explains  before offering a list of services that allow you to better streamline your data and vet your networks, thereby shortening the distance between yourself and ideal potential customers. Some of these are alternatives to more prominent platforms. Connect the Dots, for example, analyzes your email data and the strength of those relationships to find other people you may know so that you can see a recognizable name in the heading of a cold contact. Qualified is a prioritization tool that directly routes your buyers to the ideal people within your organization.  The effect of these tools is twofold. For the person receiving more and more cold emails, they help sift through the clutter to find the content most worthy of your time and attention, thus saving you time and data overload. And for the person looking for potential hires and connections, they make sure that all of your data finds its most useful recipient.


 In this episode of Billion Dollar Tech, learn how to curate a more vetted network than the one you’ll find on LinkedIn, discover a tool that enriches your data before pushing it out into your ad platforms, and one that charges cold contacts a charitable donation before their email will land in your inbox. 



“One of the best ways to get anything done is to have a warm introduction to someone, right?” (1:15-1:23 | Brendan)


“The thing , with LinkedIn is everybody has too many connections, and you don’t really know who knows who. And so, Connect the Dots is doing a new take on this.” (1:26-1:34 | Brendan)


“The more information you can bring to a decision the better, and the more real time that information is the better. Because bad data, in many cases, can be worse than no data at all.”  (5:19-5:31 | Brendan) 


“I think there’s gonna be some reciprocity from folks when they see that you spent couple bucks to get in touch with them. They’re going to have some sense that they need to give you a response.” (8:14-8:30 | Brendan)


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