How to Break Through an Income Ceiling as a Freelancer

Season #1 Episode #21

One of the toughest part of being a freelancer or solopreneur is this simple fact: you only have so many hours in the day.

Yet as ambitious creatives, we're always on the pursuit of the next thing. New projects, new goals, and commonly, more income. How do you continue to reach new heights without burning it at both ends?

This is what we discuss in this episode. I share my story of going from $0 to $500Kish net annually, what income ceiling I hit along the way, and the tactics that allowed me to get past them.

We discuss:

1. Why losing clients is actually a good thing
2. Whether specialization or generalization leads to higher income
3. How to be seen as an expert vs an order taker If you're ready to make an income jump in 2022, this episode is for you.