How To Build Your Personal Brand | With Professional Triathlete Eric Lagerstrom

Season #1 Episode #17

Eric Lagerstrom is one of the fittest people in the world today. He placed 7th at this year's Ironman 70.3 world championships--for the unacquainted, this is a half ironman. It's half the distance, but you race it twice as hard. He's won or placed in dozens of triathlons and is among the top 100 athletes globally in his sport.

While all this is incredibly impressive, the story we tell in our conversation goes beyond sport and instead gets at the core of success as a modern professional in any discipline today. 

Beyond training 25 hours a week and competing on a world-stage, he's also a world-class creative. In a few short years he's grown his YouTube channel to more than 40,000 subscribers and consistently puts out some of the most cinematic stories on the web. 

Like you, he wears many hats. How he works to find balance and success in all his endeavors is the core of our conversation. 

We discuss:
• The lessons he's learned building his personal brand
• How he grew his YouTube to 40,000 highly engaged subscribers in a few short years
• What athletics has taught him about resilience and success
• How balances documenting, content, and training
• The tech he uses to document his training
• Favorite books
And much more. A quick request. 

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