Wealth Building Lessons for Early Stage Founders feat. Jason Saunders

Season #1 Episode #5

Kobe Bryan famously said, “when you have a clear goal, and you work hard to achieve it, don’t be surprised when it becomes a reality.”

Many times in entrepreneurship, business ownership, life—we spend much of our mitigating the downside. Instead, how do the best play offense rather than defense? Enter Jason Saunders, wealth manager to many of the brightest minds in the Portland area, angel investor, and wonderful guy as well. While this chat was focused on technology founders, there are wonderful lessons in here for all of us: Wealth Building Lessons for Early Stage Founders & Creative Entrepreneurs

We talked about things like:

-Key wealth management steps to take upon founding, growth, and exit stages of a company
-How Jason evaluates angel investments
-Jason’s advice for his 21 year old self

And much more.