How to Evaluate Seed Stage Opportunities feat. Adam Burrows

Season #1 Episode #3

Delve inside the world of top seed stage technology investor Adam Burrows. We explore:

  • How Adam evaluates opportunities + what makes a great deal
  • Top mistakes seed stage companies make
  • Adam’s top books

And much more.

About Adam Burrows

Adam Burrows has been instrumental in building several of the most successful tech companies in Denver and is dedicated to partnering with the most ambitious founders in Colorado to create the next generation of big winners.

As senior vice president and general manager at HomeAdvisor, Adam was part of the executive team that grew the company from $100M to over $1B in revenue, taking the company public in 2017 in Colorado’s largest tech IPO. 

As the first C-level executive at Guild Education, he helped the company raise its Series C and sign their largest clients towards a $1B+ valuation. Additionally, Adam has served as an advisor to the founders of two other successful Denver exits, Artifact Uprising and FareHarbor.