SEO Secrets with Chris Vincent

Chris Vincent is the Director of Demand Generation at Datashield, an ADT company and one of the most tenured cybersecurity firms in North America. For Datashield, Chris manages the digital marketing specialist along with a team of sales development representatives, serves as the champion, power user, and implementation expert for HubSpot Enterprises, and supports channel sales through event management, webinar production, and more. 

Outside his role as an SEO and marketing expert, he is also the host of Datashield's podcast, The Hash-Time Show, and the sales/marketing training series, The Quaff and Pony Show. Equipped with his content marketing expertise, Chris has the power to craft a powerful vision for launching Datashield to new heights—and help clients take charge of their cybersecurity strategy.

In this episode…

What makes a website stand out in the sea of information? The answer? SEO. But, it's much deeper than you think. 

SEO isn't just using a few keywords here and there and instantly ranking as the first option on Google. Instead, it’s a combined effort of crafting a strategic content marketing plan and creating an opportunity for others to expand their knowledge in the most accurate way possible. 

Don't believe us? Chris Vincent, Director of Demand Generation at Datashield, has used effective content marketing strategies to connect and communicate with clients while creating new sales channels. He describes SEO as a "long game" where the content creator has to pay special attention to their cross-section, including locale, pain-points, and solutions. 

Tune in to this week's episode as host Brendan Dell sits down with Chris Vincent, SEO expert and Director of Demand Generation at Datashield. They discuss how to build content that stands out, what defines effective inbound marketing, and the purpose of marketing. Chris also shares his love for content creation and how he got his start in marketing. Stay tuned.