Billion Dollar Tech

Billion Dollar Tech

Hosted by: Brendan Dell

Advice & growth frameworks from three comma founders, VCs, and executives (and those on their way there.)


How to Use Messaging to Unify and Align Teams feat. Marie Garnier

Season #1 Episode #11

As leaders of distributed teams, we struggle with similar challenges: How do we establish clear goals? Shared vision? Drive consistency in sales and marketing? Drive the largest return on our investment in people and...
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Building a $2B Brand with Gong’s Udi Ledergor

Season #1 Episode #10

Udi Ledergor is the CMO at Gong, and is known as one of the brightest brand builders in B2B marketing today. In our chat: Building a $2B Brand with Gong’s Udi Ledergor, we talk about:   The importance of brand The...
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How to become Obviously Awesome feat. April Dunford

Season #1 Episode #9

Whether you sell software, services, or products, your goal is the same: become sought after for what makes you unique. To be seen as a Market of One, rather than a commodity. The question is, how? This is what we...
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The Modern eCommerce Stack feat. Joshua Voydik

Season #1 Episode #8

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A Hidden Gem: Innovations in Legal Tech feat. Zach Posner

Season #1 Episode #7

Discover why Zach decided to focus on the legal technology space, what characteristics he looks for in founding teams, the critical success factors for founding a business and more. Enjoy this conversation with...
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High-Impact Pricing feat. Mark Stiving

Season #1 Episode #6

If you’ve ever asked yourself the question, can I raise my prices?   Or wondered about things like:   • What is the most effective way to arrive at a price • What process should we employ • What factors should we...
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Wealth Building Lessons for Early Stage Founders feat. Jason Saunders

Season #1 Episode #5

Kobe Bryan famously said, “when you have a clear goal, and you work hard to achieve it, don’t be surprised when it becomes a reality.” Many times in entrepreneurship, business ownership, life—we spend much of our...
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Founding, Growth, Exit: Key legal considerations for entrepreneurs and creatives feat. Jerry Carleton

Season #1 Episode #4

Founding, growing and exiting a company is a fraught process. Luckily, we have Jerry Carleton. Over the last 20 years Jerry has advised some of the brightest entrepreneurs in technology, food, CPG, publishing, new...
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How to Evaluate Seed Stage Opportunities feat. Adam Burrows

Season #1 Episode #3

Delve inside the world of top seed stage technology investor Adam Burrows. We explore: How Adam evaluates opportunities + what makes a great deal Top mistakes seed stage companies make Adam’s top books And much...
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Architecture of a Modern Go-to-Market Team from an IBM GTM Leader feat. Ewing Gillaspy

Season #1 Episode #2

What makes effective selling? That’s what we’re going to dissect in today’s episode. We’ll explore the process, tactics and unique approaches of one of the brightest minds working in sales today.
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High-Impact Venture Capital feat. Zac Zeitlin

Season #1 Episode #1

In this episode, we're going to talk about how to become a successful VC founder. We’ll dissect common attributes, Zac’s path to VC, and how this intersects with entrepreneurs. We’ll also explore how to identify a...
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SEO Secrets with Chris Vincent

Chris Vincent is the Director of Demand Generation at Datashield, an ADT company and one of the most tenured cybersecurity firms in North America. For Datashield, Chris manages the digital marketing specialist along...
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